Most people don’t know this but the minor leagues in baseball is still a professional league. In fact all a league has to do to be professional is pay its players a living wage. Players who are in the minor leagues are acutely aware of people’s perception of their situation and of the reality. The know they’re professionals but they also know if they don’t hit the majors their nephew and his friends won’t see it that way. To these guys they call the majors The Show. Same job, some of the same faces even, and just as much work. The difference is two fold. The first difference is money. You can very quickly become a millionaire. Frankly that’s totally awesome but the second thing is even better. The second difference is now You’ve made it. Respect will always be there. You join a select group. You’ve accomplished your dream. Which is worth so much more than money. Even if that can’t pay the bills.

Now you may be saying what does that have to do with Occupy the Game, the sports radio show on Occupy Boston Radio? More importantly what does that how’ve to do with you, Alex Ingram host of Occupy the Game? The answer is everything.

This is The Show for me. I’ve been waiting for a chance to show and share my knowledge and opinions on sport for years. It used to be I’d just tell anyone who was randomly will to listen. I bombarded stranger, friends, and family with numbers, stats, anecdotes, scouting reports, predictions, and social commentary related to sports. Now I have a willing audience. It’s vindication for the time and energy spent watching extra inning games, learning the rules of cricket, and surfing the net looking for promising high school basketball prospects. More importantly it’s a chance to show people how this effects every moment of our lives whether we know it or not. Sports is Probably a Trillion dollar industry in this country. Effecting everything from tourism to fiscal fitness requirement for fifth graders. It is simultaneously the most ridiculous use of money on earth and the thing that has been known to cause even countries at war to sit down and engage in a little good old fashion fun. I’m not saying it fixes all problems but it provides a venue in which one can put aside differences and have a little relaxation.

So every Monday night at 7 I’m going to talk sports an I’m going to feel great about. Because Ive made it. This wonderful working put its faith in me to deliver a worth while message to the masses. I’ll do exactly that I’ll educate a legion of followers, all seven of them.

Alex Ingram