Record: 46-41

Standings: 2nd in the AL East. Back by 8 games. 2nd wild card sport up by half a game.

My favorite team nickname: The Fighting Showalters after their manager Buck Showalter.

Top Pitcher First Half: Jim Johnson 26 saves in 27 tries and a 1.41 ERA.

Top Batter First Half: Adam Jones .290 BA, 20 HR, 45 rbi’s

The Orioles are in a weird spot. They are second in their division and holding a wild card spot right now but by all regards no one would say they’re sitting pretty. The Yankees lead the division by 8 games at the moment and don’t look like they have any intentions of giving that up anytime soon. The Tampa Bay Rays are just a bit behind in the wild card, have a much better line-up, and arguably better pitching than the O’s. That being said the Orioles have made it this far so don’t sleep on them. The key to the second half for them will be getting better on offense. They picked up Jim Thome from the Phillies going into the second half and he should provide some power. Adam jones also needs to stay hot if they are going to continue this run. I honestly don’t think its the Orioles year this year. Time will tell if I am proved wrong.

Thing to Improve: They rank pretty near the bottom of the league in batting average(26th) and runs(19th). They might consider looking to the open market for help. I might call the Houston for help and see what it would take to get Jed Lowrie for the stretch. Not a great hitter but better than J.J. Hardy right now and you wouldn’t lose anything on defense. What I really like about this deal is Gonzalez is not the type of player you’d have to sell the farm to acquire. So even if things don’t work out it was worth a shot.

Best Case Scenario: I don’t see the Orioles winning the division. The Yankees are too far ahead and the Orioles to weak a team offensively to make a real push upwards in the division. They could very well snatch a wild card though.  If they can add a bat to go with Thome and Jones I think they can hold on and make the playoffs for the first season since 1997.

Worst Case Scenario: The O’s fall apart in the second half like most people predict. Which wouldn’t be all bad. They by all means even in the bleakest of predictions are predicted to finish with the best record they have had in years and have shown themselves to have good pieces to move forward with.