Before I start with this blog I want to point out something. There are often unrealistic trades made in OOTP of every iteration. This game improved in that area. It still from time to time occurs however. My thought is however that it is my job to work with the world given to me and build the best team possible. If a team is offering something that benefits me more than them then so be it. I’ll use my new online league to be realistic.

Now lets talk about my first trade. I mention in my intro blog how I was willing to give up players like Bubba Starling for better prospects. Well I gave up Bubba Starling in my first completed trade. Heres what the trade was

Royals Send:
Bubba Starling, CF, 19
Christian Colon, SS, 22
Yorvano Ventura, SP 20
Humberto Arteaga, SS 18
Danny Duffy, SP, 23

Nationals Send:
Bryce Harper, RF, 19

Now I feel great about this deal. In my mind this is the beginning of my future. According to the game the best prospect I gave up was Christian Colon who was touting a 2 and a half star potential rating. That being said Bubba Starling was very high on the Top Prospect ranking and a personal favorite player of mine. When you compare him to Harper however is a no-brainer.

Starling in the game really only has great speed. I never really see him break through in any of my play thrus so I feel good about moving on from him honestly.

Bryce on the other hand has really good up side. He almost always develops into a very good player and often a Hall of Famer. I want him to be the face of the franchise going forward. I still don’t see him playing for the club this season but starting next year I’d like to see him be there.

Now Criticize me if you want for this deal but I made it happen. I will say this I have been quick to give up the farm so far. One of my goals was to build prospects my first couple of trades make me wonder if I’m honoring that thought process. But more on that in the next trade post.

Let me know what you think of the deal in the comments below. I will respond.